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I am a wife and mother who also has cystic fibrosis and a mitochondrial disease.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Small update...

About 3 weeks ago I started feeling awful. It came in quickly and I'm pretty sure it is the flu. I'm dismayed that I can't kick this thing. I'm extremely bothered by the fact that everyone around me seems to be paniced over this...I mean most people get a cold or a virus and it is really not a huge deal. Me? I get it and it stays around for a while. I suppose what adds to the worry is that I haven't been this sick since before I was actually diagnosed with CF at 21. So everyone is looking at this as a huge back slide for me.

I've lost my voice, still have a cough, am wheezing like a 40 year smoker and still have a fever! I have no health insurance, but I think I'm going to see my primary on Friday, although I am honestly not sure what will happen after that. I can't be admitted at our local hospital, I don't have health insurance. Then next week I have my CF clinic; where I hope they admit me. But that rarely ever turns out the way I want, so who knows what will happen. My husband is positive my PFT's have gone down, and I have a feeling he's right. My muscles are just so sore from coughing, moving even hurts. But I've been trying to maintain a level of activity and doing some breathing exercises to try to help my lung function. I'm hoping that my PFT's won't have taken a serious hit because of this, a small one I can handle (I think).