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I am a wife and mother who also has cystic fibrosis and a mitochondrial disease.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The painful adventure

Last night my husband and daughter both came home exhausted. I hadn't been having a great day either, as I hadn't taken my pain medicine the day before. We just ran out, and had to wait for the cash flow to pick it up. When we went the pharmacy didn't have enough for the full script so I only got a partial. Anyhow...

We decided to go to IHOP so we could have a no effort dinner, with pancakes of course. I got an omelet covered in hollandaise, so basically a plate full of eggs and cheese. YUM! I had some problems getting in and out of the car, but our handicap tag was a big help (so we didn't have to park to far away). While eating my feet became increasingly hotter and more agitated. I got up to go to the bathroom and I thought my legs were going to explode. When we're in public I do my very best to not look like I'm having a problem, and last night I tried but failed horribly. Frank and Kate knew right away that I was getting worse, and when they remembered that I had missed my lyrica the day before they new a pain storm was beginning. A pain storm is what my husband calls it, I call it hell, but tamato/tomatoe.

I finished my dinner because I knew I was going to need a full stomach for my meds. We got home and I get inside and go right up stairs, better to do it when I'm in pain than to wait and possibly cause a flare up. So Frank and Kate helped me up the stairs and started a running a bath for me. It was loaded with Epsom salts and another bath salt mix to help relaxation. I got in the tub, with a lot of help, and the hot water and salts helped a lot. BUT the biggest help of all was my daughter Kate. After she and her dad helped me into the tub, she got a 'Choose Your Own Adventure Book' and as per the routine she red it to me while I soaked and relaxed as best as I could. This is what she does every time this kind of thing happens. Incase you're wondering...she IS amazing. Not just when I'm in pain, but all of the time. She hates it when I brag about her, so I guess its good that she doesn't read this blog. She has been cooking since she was 4, she is taking vocational culinary classes and is going to culinary school after high school. She has a 4.0 and cleans with out being asked. She is funny and has a healthy perspective on life. I know, I'm her mother and you may be thinking I'm jaded. Maybe I am.

Today has been OK so far. I still hurt, but Frank will be home to help me with lunch and Kate will be home by 4, so I have plenty to look forward to.