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Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I haven't blogged in a while. I'll be honest as to why...I did get some questions (Like I had asked for) but I just never felt quite up to writing/typing a whole blog. My muscles have been really sore and my joints achy too. I have had off and on fevers and just feeling less than 90%. I didn't want to get on here and complain. Well today I snapped out of my unwillingness to communicate. I hate telling people I'm sick, scared or hurt. I do it but usually not until I am pushed over an invisible line that I have drawn in the sand. Well...I'm going to try to change. I can say "I don't feel well", "I'm sore", or "I'm sick" with out counding whiney...I'm just going to have to practice at it. This entry will be my first shot.

I don't like to constantly complain because I feel like I could be doing so much worse. And honestly, complaining does not help me to feel better. However, for those who read this...I don't feel well. I'm not deathly ill or anything and I don't have H1N1 (knock on wood); its the same old same old. I am super tired, lacking energy, forgetful, achy and sad. All of these things can be attributed to my inablility to digest and absorb, except for the sad part. I am sad because I'm sick all the time (it feels like it) but mainly because I can do nothing for the people suffering around me. So I'm going to do what I can, which is pray.

Most of you know I am a spiritual person so praying is something I think I might be good at!
I have been praying for peace and healing for sometime. As a matter of fact I have a list so far it includes:
Scott's Dad, RR, Lauren and her family, Ginger and her family, my Grandmother, Chel, Deborah and her children, Jessica and her Dad, my brother Pete, Piper...and several others.

But I want to ask you who read this to give me names too, I want to gather a litany of them! I know there are people out there who need prayers, and you'll be helping me to feel somewhat useful durring this down swing of mine. So just leave a post on here whether you know me, or you just happened on my blog...whatever reason...tell me who and why. Those who have passed, those who are healthy but struggeling, anyone you think I might be able to help; if only a little bit.

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