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Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I've been in a really bad mood this weekend. I'm not sure why, there are many things this week that could have done it. Monday - Friday my daughter had a culinary camp and I drove her there every day. I was exhausted every night and am still sore from the driving. In addition to that my car broke down, I don't drive so I have been letting someone else drive it with the agreement that he would be responsible for gas and maintenance...well it's going to be a $300 - $400 fix the he can not afford. We can not afford it either. Also I was looking at some pictures of myself and I look sick. My mom showed me an obit in her local paper for a young lady with CF; and I drove my mother to work (where my Grandmother passed away).

I like to keep this picture up, you know, that things are good. Sometimes they aren't and I hate advertising it. No lectures please.

The weekend has just been blah for me. While I can list many things that happened to possibly cause I have no clue if it was one or all of them. Last weekend was my husbands 20th high school reunion; which went well, I thought. Although the walking was killer. So it is safe to say that right now...I am really exhausted. Frank and Kate have been very good about taking care of me this weekend, and I appreciate them for it. I still want to scream...Where did my health go? CF wise I am doing well
but my muscles and joints are awful. My mitochondrial disease is progressing, or at least I am developing new symptoms. Toes going numb, joints locking up, and joint pain in general are new symptoms. (started in the past few months) What sucks is that I'm not sure if or when these symptoms will get worse. And I'm just really pissed about it.

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  1. You have every right to be pissed. Pain drives a person mad. It makes me mad for you.