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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clinging to CF

So after a discussion with my husband a few nights ago and some serious soul searching...I have come to a realization.

I've been in denial about this whole mitochondrial disease issue. I've been so focused on CF, and raising money and awareness that I have not acknowledged the other serious disease in my life. I've talked about it, sure; but I've done little to fund raise or spread awareness. (At least compared to the stuff I've done for CF)

It occurred to me with VX-770, that a pill for me might be around the corner and I got excited. I've spent a lot of time this week going over stuff I'd like to do, going back to work is one of the things on that list. But then I realized...I'm not working because I get frequent infections, I don't have the energy and my muscles cramp and ache. According to the mito information; those things can all be caused by mitochondrial disease. I knew my muscles were a result of the mito but I kept telling myself everything else could be CF related.

To clarify; I didn't delude my self because CF is less serious in anyway shape or form. I did this because I can explain cystic fibrosis. Because when I tell people I have CF and they ask, "What's that?" I can actually answer. When I tell people I have a mitochondrial disease 95% have no idea what I'm talking about. And when they as, "What is that"; I explain as best as I can a disease that my doctors don't even fully understand. People look at me like I use this as an excuse to be lazy...so I only discuss it with people who already know me and understand mito. When I meet people I don't say "Hi I'm Chrissy and I have two genetic diseases". When health comes up I usually just say I have CF and another genetic disease that is not well known. If people pry by asking what it is, I tell them it is a muscle disease. It sounds better than saying, "It is a disease in which my body doesn't produce enough energy on a day to day basis. So the symptoms can vary from person to person."

I mean typing it, it reads as a straight forward answer...I just wish it was so straight forward that people would not judge me.

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