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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Clinic + Duck = AWESOME

I literally rolled out of bed; thankfully my legs were working this morning. I even took a shower by myself! It’s the little things. It was a very easy morning which was nice to not be stressing the appointment or the drive. Traffic was good, a little slow, but the idiot drivers weren’t out this morning. All in all it was a nice drive, and I got to spend time with my hubby so it was great. Security was busy though, but they got us through as quickly as they could. I was a little late for my PFTs but since I have a buffer between my appointments I was on time to see Dr. C.

I forgot my last PFT in February, so this whole time I’ve been thinking last October was my last PFT. So in October my FEV1 was 73%, in February it was 70%, and today was 70% too. There was a small drop in some other spots, not significant (according to Dr. C.). We discussed my new issues, drops in blood sugar, seizures, the blurry vision, etc. Nothing to report though, she said she thinks the seizures are mito related and she doesn’t seem to concerned about the sugar levels (although we have to watch them now), and the blurry vision is due to a blocked duct between my sinuses and nose. So yeah…everything went well. She is mailing my medicine, so we got home earlier than usual so we’ve been able to get some things done around the house.

Vacation is 10 days! We’re going to Duck, it is our favorite vacation spot. There is a lot to work on before we go, admittedly I'm not doing a lot but I'm getting small things done though. I'm just so excited to go, and we've got good friends going too, so it's going to be AWESOME.

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