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Thursday, August 13, 2009


So we finally got a court date to finalize the adoption. Monday at 2PM. I know it was short notice, but the court house had a cancelation and I jumped on it. I am half regretting that I di though, because I wanted to share the day with everyone I love. As many friends and family as I could get together. But its not possible on such a short notice. My Dad is probably not going, he has to work. What am I supposed to say? Gee Dad I can't get pregnant and I'm sick...this is like child birth for me; not to mention my only chance. That would just make him feel bad about something he can't change. So I'm just sucking it up.
I guess I'm just worried that when I'm gone Kate will need help remembering the good times when she is sad, same with my husband. I want people to be able to say, "Hey do you remember the adoption?" I guess I'm being silly...

I got my lab work from the 4th of August this past Tuesday. I called my doctors office to discuss the results with my nurse as usual. You know brain storm ideas and new medicines...but instead I got a call saying the doctor wants to speak with me about them. So I had to make an appointment for Friday. We all know what it means when they want to talk with you about it in person. LOL
However; with the adoption being Monday there is nothing she can say to bring me down.

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  1. I know that Gene and I are not your parents and blood family that you want to be there but we will be there and are honored to be a part of such a special day for you guys.