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Sunday, January 2, 2011



Christmas got a little easier after my last blog entry. Maybe I just needed to get it out. Anyhow, we spent the New Years at a friends house, and she had a fondue dinner (appetizer, main and dessert) and then on the first day of the New Year we went over to spend it with our family! All in all everything has been going pretty well...except...I'm sick. Not just blah either- I'm uber bitch. My sinuses are so full my entire head feels like it might just explode if anyone else pisses me off. And that's the problem. Every little thing today seems to be annoying me. I just want to go back to bed and sleep.

I guess it all started last night, but I took some sinus meds and thought it was the cold air that was bothering me. When I woke up this morning I figured it out. My glands are swollen, my eyes are watery, etc.

I'm grumpy too, I usually do not get grumpy just cause I'm sick, but it seems like that's the case this time. I doubled up on my antibiotics, I think I have a sinus infection. Again.

Anyway- I am blogging today to wish you all a happy new year, not to complain! So I hope you all have a very happy and healthy New Year. 2010 is over, and while it was a good year for some people- it was awful for others...no matter which it was for you I hope 2011 is a good one!

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