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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is that running water?

So tonight is a wrestling pay per view and we have some friends over. Kate decided to cater and made spinach balls, hot tuna dip, home made salsa, stuffed mushroom caps, chicken and cheese quesadillas. I was the sous chef and helped her prep. Everyone finished about an hour ago, and I am sitting at the computer.


Well I have to go to the bathroom and I can't make it up my stairs. Seriously. I took a lyrica which is supposed to help and a muscle relaxer too. So far I got nothing. So I'm just kinda sitting here and hoping that I'll be able to make it after resting. I may have to crawl, which I have done before but not in a house full of people. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. I'd be so embarrassed! Hell I'm even embarrassed that I'm limping around.

So onto non bathroom thoughts...I ordered a new vest from Hillrom and I really like it. I'm hoping that it will help me use the vest more often. The chest vest that I had before really only shook my front but this one does the back too, so here is hoping it works well. So far so good.

Other non bathroom thoughts include:

1. School. My class Paradigms of Health is almost over. I have really enjoyed it, and so far that's been par for the course for most of my on-line classes. Sure the group work drives me nuts sometimes, but I love the ability to do school work in my jammies and do treatments while participating in group discussions. Next class is Critical Thinking, and that is going to be interesting. Especially with my short term memory loss and confusion lately. LOL...

2. This whole thing in Egypt. Ok so I'm sure I am showing my ignorance here but after reading several articles, all I got is that the Egyptians want Mubarak to step down. I do not understand why people are rioting though (protesting I get). They're hurting Egypt, not helping. I'll be praying for the country to find peace.

3. Royal Rumble. So confused. I haven't really watched an episode all the way through in a while...so now...I'm playing catch up. Luckily it is being recorded on our DVR. I can watch it tomorrow, lol, with out all of the talking.

Ok I am going to try to make it...cross your fingers for me!

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  1. So, I was going to comment the other day on facebook after watching your video but got pulled away by my busy little bug before I could. But, what I was going to tell you was that your video helped educate one more person. Jamie was standing with me when watched it and he knows what cystic fibrosis is, but after the questions he had about what purpose the vest served I realized he didn't really understand, but now he has more understanding, all because of your video, which brought about questions he didn't even know he had before. Oh, and he asked when the chili cook off is because he wanted some more of Kate's chili, but I told him him we missed it this past year because we were out of town.