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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Labs from 6/30/09

So I went in for IV therapy today and got my test results from the 30th. I have to laugh now when I get them...I think my body is in a constant state of flux.

Vitamin K went from 3.6 to 3.9; up is good! lol
Morning Glucose was 82
Calcium was 8.9 which is the same as it was before. If it doesn't go down I'm happy.
AST the 23rd it was 120 and on the 30th it was 156...
Gamma GT last time was 86 and on the 30th it was 106
ALT was 110 and went down on the 30th to 103
CK has gone up from 1165 to 1690
Cholesterol has dropped again! This time I am at 73. hdl dropped to 12 and ldl is at 44
Bun/CREA 8.6
Vitamin B12 652.6
Vitamin B2 listed as repeat test needed again?
B6 dropped to 11
Vitamin C is listed at .13
Vitamin E 3.9
Apolipoprotein A1- 77

Oh they have been checking vitamin d too, but since it doesn't come back flagged I hadn't noticed it. Vitamin D 1 is 20 which the lab says is low.

Other than that everything has been going OK. I'm getting better about saying everything is fine, or good...but its been baby steps. I just never think people want to hear me whine. lol
Over the weekend we went to a good bye for now party for my best friend Jessica. Her dad is really sick and she is going to stay with him in Las Vegas. She says she isn't planning to stay...I really hope not. I lost touch with her several years ago; so even if she doesn't come back...I'm not letting that happen again.

On my way home from Iv's I heard a song that makes me think of Frank and how hard it is for him to be married to someone who is sick. It's by Rob Thomas and it's called "Her Diamonds"


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  1. Chrissy,
    When we ask you how you are we want to know the truth. It is not whinning it is being honest. I know it is hard for you to not say that you are okay when you are not. Thank you for being more open with it all!!! Keep us posted and let me know if there is anything that Gene and I can do.